I am the Co-founder and Chief Strategist for Borough + Block, a design strategy studio that helps organizations build curiosity and learning into their DNA. In short: we use design to help people learn.
 I consulted with the Department of Arts Education in Chicago Public Schools to develop a branded action plan to bridge gaps in arts education across the entire public education system. This project increased and ensured that equal access to arts education would be a reality for all Chicago Public School students—a major pillar in the Mayor's Cultural Plan for the City of Chicago.
 My role at NorthShore University HealthSystem was one of a clinical and relationship marketing manager. During my time here I developed marketing and PR strategies to promote new services and clinical trials for the 600+ physician Medical Group, the Departments of Oncology, Cardiology, and Vascular Surgery. The work you see here represents efforts in new mover campaigns, pediatric reminder campaigns, prospective physician residency campaigns,annual and community benefit reports.  This first set is from a reminder marketing campaign targeting parents with children falling into one of three segments: 0-5-year-olds, 6-12, and finally 13-18. My role was to write and art direct the content for each, secure the list, and coordinate a secondary follow-up.
 You can think of Vamonde as the Instagram for places. One of Borough + Block’s first clients, Vamonde’s founding team came to us for help building a marketing plan, visual center and a social media playbook ahead of their launch.
 We worked with the Six Corners Association, a nonprofit community economic development corporation on Chicago’s northwest side, to develop an updated brand and strategy that acknowledges its history while pointing a new way forward. Originally billed in 1938 as Chicago’s Second Downtown, the residents and business owners are flexing to the new realities of retail and coming to terms with what really drives a community.
 Those who have heard about Chicago will tell you about its skyline, its sports icons, and its deep-dish pizza. However very few people, including many Chicagoans, have ever heard about the less pronounced neighborhoods woven throughout Chicago’s grid.  The work was featured in  PlaceBrands: Chicago: the hot tempered city.