I am humbled to have partnered with some of the best and brightest in the business. Working and building alongside them challenges me to bring my A-game every time. 

Tim Hogan

Creative Director, R/GA

Chris combines the first rate brain of a brand strategist with the sincerity and passion of a philanthropist. He doesn't just come up with new and interesting ideas—he clearly articulates a plan, then finds ways to get it implemented. I highly recommend him.

Randall Morris

Partner / Design Director, The BHW Group

What you get with Chris is an expert in, seemingly, all things (read: I'm jealous), a patient mentor and an incredibly thoughtful guy who really cares about the work; able to squeeze miracles out of dire situations. I learned a lot under the guidance of Chris. I'd love to work with him again.

Justin Ahrens

Principal & Creative Director, Rule 29

Chris has a unique ability to combine purpose with passion. He can not only communicate a vision but he can also inspire the people around him to capture it as well. He is encouraging, easy to work with and is ready to do what needs to be done. I highly recommend.

María Zavala

Media Supervisor, R/GA

Chris is such an inspiring educator that beautifully blends the art of communication with the art of being passionate about greater causes that affect society. It was his class that really made me see that it doesn't always have to be all or nothing (corporate America advertising vs. non-profit world) but rather embracing a possibility of joining forces and talents to really shake things up for the greater good. Almost two years later after graduating from Columbia and I still practice what I learned in that one class every day of my life and embrace those principals in my career.

Amy Jesernig

Sr. Business Development Executive, agencyEA

Chris challenged me to develop my analytical and critical thinking skills. Chris's friendly and personable nature created an open learning environment while simultaneously encouraging new ideas and personal opinion. 

Betty Maisenbach

Enrollment Coordinator, TrueNorth Companies

Chris is excited and passionate about what he is putting out in the world and it shows. He has a knack for schooling you in the more important aspects of life and the world around you. He teaches you confidence by building you up, motivates you by making goals exciting, encourages perseverance with compassion and, without fail, makes sure you have fun while doing it.